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This update brings 2Captcha support and some bugfixes!
Unfortunately, this project is discontinued.
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Due to the API-change, this option does currently not work reliably. Please use areascan.

When doing a spawnscan, the client will query the Pokemonradar database for all spawnpoints in your areas that have a predicted spawn time. It will then scan each point one minute after the predicted spawn.

This method does save a lot of unnecessary scans and thus allows for much more or bigger areas with much less accounts. However, it might miss spawnpoints that have not previously been scanned often enough to make a reasonable spawn-time prediction.

The area scan will scan the entire area as fast as it can. This is useful to scan an area for spawnpoints, if the spawnscan is missing spawns.

If you run an areascan with an interval of maximum 12 minutes for at least an hour, all spawnpoints for your areas will be added to the Pokemonradar database. You can then stop the scan, and switch to use spawnscanning.

Allows to use your computers public IP-address when sending requests to the Pokemon Go servers.

Uncheck this, if you are concerned about getting your main account banned, because it uses the same IP-address as the scanner-accounts.
There are no reports that people have been banned for using the same IP-address as scanner-accounts and it is highly unlikely that this will happen, but to be 100% safe you should use only proxies.

Max accounts per IP
The maximum number of scanner-accounts that are using the same IP-address. If you use too many acconts from the same IP, no Pokemon will be found. (Recommended: 30)

API request delay (s)
The delay between requests to the Pokemon Go Servers.

Increase this if you are getting the "Statuscode 50: Slow down..." messages. (Recommended: 13)

2Captcha API-Key for automatic captcha solving by 2captcha.com.
Leave this field blank if you do not want to use 2captcha.

The authentication info that is used connect to the Homescanner.

You will only need this if you changed it in the config.yml.

The address under which the client is running (without http://). In case you want to remotely connect to your Homescanner you need to change this address to your computers public IP address and configure your network to forward the port to that computer.
If you do this, it is important that you provide a username and password in the config.yml.

Don't change this, unless you know what you're doing. You can configure the port in the config.yml. (Default: localhost:58548)

Account-Name Status
Add at least one Pokemon Trainer Club account that will be used for scanning.

Click '+' to add the account.
Don't forget to save when you're done!

Do NOT use your main account!
Click here to create an account.
You will need to verify your email address after you create a new account.
Proxy-IP Port Protocol Status
Add proxies, if you don't want to use your own public IP-address, or if you want to use more accounts than your number of maximum accounts per IP.

Click '+' to add the proxy.
Don't forget to save when you're done!
You can create a twitter feed that tweets notifications if the scanner finds one of the Pokemon you have chosen in the notification-filter.
Read the documentation for more info.

Receive an email, if the scanner finds one of the Pokemon you have chosen in the notification-filter.

Send notifications for:

Area-Center [Lat, Lng] Radius [m] Active
Click the map to choose an area that shall be scanned.
You can adjust the radius with the slider below this box.

Click '+' to add the area.
Don't forget to save when you're done!
 1000 m
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