My name is Michael and I want to say thanks!
So far, developing pokemonradar.de has been very challenging and has consumed much of my free-time and nerves, but receiving your positive feedback makes me happy and keeps me motivated.

I'm acutally a physics student and although I have worked on some web-projects before, I never developed a realtime web-application of this scale. I learned a whole lot of new skills and technologies and made at least as many mistakes, but you were supporting me nevertheless.
I want to thank you for that support and I want to thank you for being patient with me, although I often need quite a long time to fix reported bugs or to implement your suggestions.

How and why it started

I started development of Pokemonradar.de when Pokémon Go was released and it turned out that there was no good way of tracking Pokémon. Randomly walking around, hoping to find a new Pokemon wasn't really fun, when all you came across were some Rattatas or Pidgeys.

There had to be a better way to enjoy our long-anticipated game, so I started with a collaborative map where users could share their sightings, but it soon turned out to be abused and not reliable at all.
Fortunately, I already had a plan and thanks to a lot of very talented developers on reddit.com this plan soon became reality: A live-scanning map that could show the exact remaining time and location of Pokemon, anywhere you wanted. Around the same time, similiar services popped up, only to be shut down a few days later, but Pokemonradar, while certainly never being the most popular service, managed to fight through a lot of trouble.

I feel like Pokémon GO has already lost enough of its users, that is why I will do my best to try to keep the fun in this game, by providing you with a good way of tracking Pokémon - at least until the game will have a reasonable tracker.