Unfortunately, this project is discontinued.
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Pokemonradar Homescanner - Beta

The Pokemonradar Homescanner is a desktop app, that lets you setup your own live-scans, anywhere in the world.
It is relatively simple by downloading and running the Pokemonradar Homescan-Client on your computer and setting up your scans with a few clicks. The scanresults will be transmitted to the server and can be seen in realtime in the live radar on


If you use the Pokemonradar Homescanner service, you violate the Terms of Service of Pokemon Go. This means, that Niantic can and probably will ban the accounts that you are using with the scanner.
DO NOT use your main Pokemon Go account or any account that you do not want to be banned!
Pokemonradar is not responsible for the loss of any accounts.

Please note that Pokemonradar Homescanner is still in Beta (and active development) and will likely have some bugs. I would appreciate any feedback! You can contact me anytime for questions or feedback:
More features, better stability and design and a detailed documentation will come soon.


How to use

  1. Download the Pokemonradar Homescan-Client from here (only Windows is supported right now).
    Extract it anywhere on your computer.
  2. Run "Pokemonradar Homescanner", the controlpanel will open.
  3. Use the controlpanel to add Pokemon Trainer Club account(s), which will be used for scanning.
    Do NOT use your main account you are playing with!
    Optionally, you can also add proxies to hide your IP-Address.
  4. Scroll down to the map to add the area(s) you want to scan.
  5. Click "Start Scan" to start the scan

How to set up a Twitter feed
  1. Create a new Twitter account for your feed.
  2. Add your phone number to your new account, else the access keys won't work
  3. Follow these instructions to get your access Tokens.

A detailed documentation will be added soon.